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I am curious about MySQL ENUM datatype. For example if I have a few possible strings for the field is it better to use a string, or just a number and then to decode the number into a string using for example PHP?

For example:

ENUM("Dog", "Cat", "Fish");



and then use something like:

$values = Array("Dog", "Cat", "Fish);
$result = mysql_query('SELECT `animal` FROM `example_table`');
$item = mysql_fetch_object($result);
$animal = $item->type;

Or is it the best case to use tinyint in such a case where possible entries are fewer than 128(1 byte) ?

I would like to know the advantages/disadvantages in case of performance and space.

Thank you

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MySQL uses integers internally for ENUM fields, so it wouldn't make that much of a difference.

The results of this test show how fast ENUM really is in comparison to VARCHAR or INT with a JOIN to get the string values.

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It is fine to use:

ENUM("Dog", "Cat", "Fish");

Internally MySQL stores enum values as integer. So in this case there is no need to perform extra optimization inside PHP.

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