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Does anyone know of a library like chronic but for python?


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Have you tried parsedatetime?

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Thanks! I didnt see it before. – bob Apr 5 '09 at 16:33

I was talking to Stephen Russett at chronic. I came up with a Python example after he suggested tokenization.

Here is the Python example. You run the output into chronic.

import nltk
import MySQLdb
import time
import string
import re

sentence = 'Available June 9 -- August first week'
tokens = nltk.word_tokenize(sentence)

parts_of_speech = nltk.pos_tag(tokens)
print parts_of_speech

#allow white list
white_list = ['first']

#allow only prepositions
approved_prepositions = ['NNP', 'CD']
filtered = []
for word in parts_of_speech:

    if any(x in word[1] for x in approved_prepositions):
    elif any(x in word[0] for x in white_list):
        #if word in white list, append it

print filtered

#normalize to alphanumeric only
normalized = re.sub(r'\s\W+', ' ', ' '.join(filtered))
print filtered
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