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I am trying to load a Gdk.Pixmap from an IconName loaded through a Gtk.Image. However, I cannot figure out how to actually convert this.

If I run this code:

Gtk.Image.NewFromIconName("computer", IconSize.Dialog)

How can I convert this to a Gdk.Pixmap? The Gtk.Image.Pixmap property cannot be used because it expects the Gtk.Image wraps a Gdk.Pixmap.

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After a bit of digging I found the best option. Instead of using Image.NewFromIconName it is easier to use

IconSet iconset = new IconSet();
IconSource source = new IconSource();
source.IconName = "icon-name";
Pixbuff p = iconset.RenderIcon(new Style(), TextDirection.None, StateType.Normal, IconSize.SmallToolbar, controlOrNull, "")
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