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Is there a way to split a single HTML page (purely static, HTML + JS) in VS2010 (I use VS2010 + ReSharper for my HTML /Js coding) into parts, but get / build a single page at build time.

There was such a feature with Dreamweaver (I have used this years back, think it called libraries). If I was using PHP I'd use something like Include at runtime.

My page contains several div sections serving as tabs, only one visible at time. I want to place the code between these tabs in a single file, to make it easier to maintain. But in the end I do need one single, static HTML file. Again, I want to do this a build time, not at server side.

  many lines of HTML

should be replaced by something like

  #include tab1.html

I could write a script building the static page and hook it into VS2010, but is there some extension or function already existing?

-- Follow ups on using T4 ---

  1. VS2010 - Assign html code formatting to T4 (.tt) file
  2. VS2010 - disable validation for particular html file (not all files)
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I ran across this question while searching for something else. You've probably moved on, but what the heck, maybe the answer will help someone else:

You could get so-called T4 templates to do this:


Alternately, Microsoft has similar capabilities in Razor, and it's more specific to HTML.

Here is a comparison of the two:


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Thanks a lot updating this one! –  Horst Walter May 21 '12 at 21:49

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