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I have defined @property(nonatomic,retain)NSString *usrId; then assigned a value like this:

usrId=[Screen.Info valueForKey:@"id"];

Then in dealloc I am releasing the string usrId. This code is in a viewController which I am pushing to navController, then I'm popping it. But the next time I again push this viewController, an EXC_BAD_ACESS happens at the statement above.

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Try assigning your value as

self.usrId = [Screen.Info valueForKey:@"id"];


usrId = [[Screen.Info valueForKey:@"id"] retain];

By doing it as you do it you just assign the value of usrId to [Screen.Info valueForKey:@"id"] so when you release it in the dealloc you release whatever is stored in [Screen.Info valueForKey:@"id"] also. Let me know if this works for you.

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Never release an object if you didn't allocated or retained it. When you write:

NSString *usrId = [Screen.Info valueForKey:@"id"];

You are just giving a reference to it, neither allocating nor retaining it. So you can either, use one of the following, then release in the dealloc, or you shouldn't release it at all.

NSString *usrId = [[NSString alloc] initWithString:[Screen.Info valueForKey:@"id"]];

NSString *usrId =[[Screen.Info valueForKey:@"id"] retain];
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Using usrId directly uses the iVar and not the property so it is not being retained properly. You need to use the dot syntax, so change it to self.usrId = [Screen.Info valueForKey:@"id"]; to use the property.

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