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1) launch: Search->Icicles->+Search Buffers 2) Input my regex 3) Iclcles presents the buffer Completions with my buffers listed.

How do I select more than one?



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By default, in Icicles C-RET (aka C-return) is the candidate action key. Wnenever you use a multi-command , it acts on the current completion candidate, without exiting the minibuffer. (You can cycle to a candidate to make it current.)

Alternatively, you can just click a candidate in buffer *Completions* with C-mouse-2. Another alternative is to use the menus. So even if for some reason you cannot use C-RET you can still choose multiple candidates (in this case, buffers), by clicking them.

If, however, you want to change the candidate action key from C-RET to something else, just customize user option icicle-candidate-action-keys -- it is the list of keys that act on the current candidate.

More generally, even when there is not a specific user option (such as icicle-candidate-action-keys) for customizing a particular key, you can always assign the key you want. For a top-level key, just define the key you want in icicle-mode-map. For a minibuffer key, use function add-hook together with minibuffer-setup-hook and minibuffer-exit-hook to add and remove the key binding to/from the current-local-map (which will be the current minibuffer map).

See customizing Icicles key bindings.

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Found the answer. C-Enter selects, enter when done. The problem is that C-Enter is bound to cua-set-rectangle-mark while CUA mode is active. Icicles hangs when C-enter is typed in this context. Therefore a binding conflict exists between Icicles candidate selection and CUA mode. Something like a hook is needed for the binding during Icicles candidate selection. Perhaps one exists already that I am not aware of?

Thanks Mike

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Both Icicle mode and CUA mode are minor modes. Minor-mode key bindings take precedence, even over minibuffer bindings. So even though cua-set-rectangle-mark makes little sense in the minibuffer it is in effect there when you are in CUA mode.

The solution is to customize either Icicles or CUA mode to not have a key conflict here. For CUA, I believe you can customize option cua-rectangle-mark-key. For Icicles you can customize option icicle-candidate-action-keys. In general, Icicles key bindings are customizable -- see Icicles - Customizing Key Bindings

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