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I have a jmesa table and i want to display the html.toolbar.texts instead of the icon/images on the toolbar in run time.

I want to do that only for the navigation icons/images.

Does anyone know how to do this?

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I needed to create a custom export "button" so I used TextItem. here is the code for it:

TextItem tItem = new TextItem();
tItem.setText("<div>" + 
            getMessageSourceAccessor().getMessage("pb.export.selected") + "</div>");
ToolbarItemRenderer renderer = new CustomItemRenderer(tItem, getCoreContext(), "selected");

and here is the custom renderer:

public class CustomItemRenderer extends AbstractItemRenderer {
        private String type;

        public CustomItemRenderer(ToolbarItem item, CoreContext coreContext, String type) {
            this.type = type;

        public String render() {
            ToolbarItem item = getToolbarItem();
            String action = "javascript:jQuery.jmesa.setExportToLimit('promotions','pdf');onInvokeExportAction('promotions'," + type + ");";
            return item.enabled();

This is all done in my custom toolbar implementation. There might be an easier way to do it but this works for me.

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