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I have a problem to Store file (from a remote API) in MongoDB, i'm with Ruby 1.9

class Foo
  include ::MongoMapper::Document
  key :bar, String

I get the following error : "\xFF" from ASCII-8BIT to UTF-8

I tried the following things :

foo.bar = pdf_data.encode('UTF-8')
foo.bar = pdf_data.force_encoding('UTF-8')
foo.bar = pdf_data.ensure_encoding('UTF-8',
  :external_encoding  => :sniff,
  :invalid_characters => :transcode
) # with github.com/Manfred/Ensure-encoding

Well any of them work, I get an error while save call ...

I look on the net but I didn't find any clear responce (or at least solving my probleme)... Any idea what i'm supposed to do to be able to store it ?

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If you are using TempFile, make sure you put it into binary mode. An example:

file = Tempfile.new('tmp').tap do |file|
  file.binmode # must be in binary mode
  file.write image.to_blob
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This solved the problem for me, though I can't guarantee this is the cause in your case. –  sandstrom Mar 16 '12 at 14:34

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