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In my site i have the following routing table:

                new { controller = "Home", action = "LoadClientSite" },
                new[] { "CorrectOnLine.Controllers" });

routes.MapRoute("Default1", // Route name
                "{company}/{site}/", // URL with parameters
                new { controller = "Home", action = "DefaultRedirect" },
                new[] { "CorrectOnLine.Controllers" }

routes.MapRoute("Default2", // Route name
                "{company}/{site}/{id}", // URL with parameters
                new { controller = "Home", action = "DefaultRedirect" },
                new[] { "CorrectOnLine.Controllers" }

I am using the following link to call an action:

@(Html.Action("index", "home", new { area = "ClientsSites", CompanyID = Model.CompanyID, SiteID = Model.SiteID, CategoryID = Model.CategoryID, Message = Model.Message }))

In the view i have an image:

<img alt="" src="../../../../../WareHouse/Sites/logo_site_@(Model.Site.SiteID).jpg" height="250px" width="750px" />

The problem is that when the image loades MVC tries to locate the image src in the routing table , conntroller = WareHouse, action = Sites.

How can i make MVC to only load the iamge and not try to load it as a view?

Thanks, Alex

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I believe this post will help. stackoverflow.com/questions/1146652/… –  Michael Grassman Aug 25 '11 at 16:00

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You could ignore route for all paths that end in the .jpg extension...

routes.IgnoreRoute("{*alljpeg}", new {alljpeg=@".*\.jpg(/.*)?"});
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