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How do I style the & in the below html?

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You should wrap it with a span instead, e.g.


Then of course, add a rule to the span, or preferabbly add a class to it then add rules to it.

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You cannot style some random character if it's not wrapped around a tag.

Of course that character is inserted into the parent element, but you cannot style that &amp; alone.

You need to wrap it in a tag, for example a span tag, give it a class or an ID, so that you can write a CSS rule to be able to target that element.

<span class="amp">&amp;</span>

Then in the CSS

span.amp {
   /* your rule here */
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Two thoughts:

1) Wrap it in something that can be styled
2) Style its parent element, let it inherit

Can we see more surrounding html?

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Add another tag, or style the container which contains all three elements.

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Consider the following HTML:


You can just style it like:

p { color: red; }
p a { color: black; }

Which would make the & red

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Create a style that targets the element that wraps the example that you posted. Then override it for the anchors if necessary.

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You can either:

  • style the parent of these elements and override what you need in the a tag
  • add a span around the &amp; to style just that.
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