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I am adding elements dynamically using java script(Adding textboxes when we click add).Each of this textbox would be an element of a bList in my domain class. See Below


Class A

List<B> bList= LazyList.decorate(
            new ArrayList<B>(), new InstantiateFactory(

List<B> bList= new AutoPopulatingList(B.class)


So basically i am trying to add elements to bList. I know that i need to use autopopulatinglist or lazy list.But neither of these work.When i try to post the form it complains telling that collection has 0 elements and the index is invalid. Is the above declaration enuf to ensure that i have the list ready to add elements. Also when i read about using autopopulating list.Ref: http://blog.richardadamdean.com/?p=12

It says that we have to change the formBackingObject method in the controller to instantiate a new AutoPopulatingList:


 ShoppingBasketForm sbf = new ShoppingBasketForm(); 
      sbf.setItems(new AutoPopulatingList(ShoppingBasketItem.class));

But i am using spring webflow not spring MVC, So where exactly i put this logic.

Even if i try to access <form:input path="bList[0]" /> it would complain

Please advice.

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Please take some time to format your question correctly before posting it. Regular text starts at the beginning of the line. Use the preview to check that everything is OK. – JB Nizet Aug 25 '11 at 16:57

https://jira.springsource.org/browse/SWF-990 <-- look at this issue.

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