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I'm looking for a way to clean up the following json string in C# to be more usable.


basically just for a way to strip it down to

"token:I3dt-MIByyWD5-XqF6VT3hQSk8qvy9r6" or just "I3dt-MIByyWD5-XqF6VT3hQSk8qvy9r6"

I assume that a would be good for accomplishing this but unfortunately i've never written one before and a bit lost on how to get what im looking for using one. The parsing is happening in C# BTW.

EDIT: Correction a regular expression probably wont do what i want... i want to format the string.. not just validate it.

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It is better to parse it into a JSON object, then using the JSON API, to get the value of the token key from there.

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Check this out: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb299886.aspx

there is a class, called JsonTextReader, which you can use for parsing. Here's how:

string jsonText = @"[""Europe"", ""Asia"", ""Australia"", ""Antarctica"",
 ""North America"", ""South America"", ""Africa""]";

using (JsonTextReader reader = new JsonTextReader(new
    while (reader.Read())
        if (reader.TokenClass == JsonTokenClass.String &&
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you can try a method like this. the & take it for separator if you have a chain of such "?{\"token\":\"I3dt-MIByyWD5-XqF6VT3hQSk8qvy9r6\"&\"other\":\"123\"}". Also clears the characters "and \

static string MyParserJson(string sjson, string key)
        if (!(sjson.Contains("{") && sjson.Contains("}")))
            throw new ApplicationException("don't exist { or }");

        int inipos = sjson.IndexOf("{");
        int endpos = sjson.IndexOf("}");

        var myjson = sjson.Substring(inipos + "{".Length, endpos - (inipos + "{".Length));
        string[] ajson = myjson.Split('&');

        foreach (var keyval in ajson)
            if (!keyval.Contains(":"))

            string[] afind = keyval.Split(':');

            if (afind[0].Contains(key))
                return afind[1].Replace("\"", "").Replace("\\", "").Trim();


    return string.Empty;

var uri = "?{\"token\":\"I3dt-MIByyWD5-XqF6VT3hQSk8qvy9r6\"}";
var token = MyParserJson(uri, "token");
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