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I'm using nodejs to insert some data via mongo db as so:

var db = new mongo.Db("mydb", new mongo.Server("localhost", '27017', {}), {});
db.open(function() {
    db.collection("entry", function(error, collection) {
        data = {
            "time":(new Date()).getTime()

        collection.insert(data, function() {
            console.log("saved", arguments);

however, I'm not even seeing the db if I do:

$ mongo localhost
> db.getCollectionNames();
[ "system.indexes" ]

So I manually added the collection via:

> db.createCollection('mydb');
{ "ok" : 1 }

Then I see:

> db.getCollectionNames();
[ "mydb", "system.indexes" ]

but if I run:

> db.mydb.find().count()

I'll see: 0

Of course I'll try db.mydb.find().count() after i run my node script and still I get 0. I suspect I'm missing a vital piece somewhere. help?

I should also note that when I run my node script, I do see "saved" and some args from the function so it seems like data is going in, I'm just not sure how to see it.

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It looks like you are conflating the concepts of databases and collections in your example code and problem description. Rather than db.getCollectionNames(), use this for finding the databases available on the MongoDB server:

show dbs

Your code is adding a record to the "entry" collection in the "mydb" database. After connecting to the mongo shell, try:

use mydb



Which should display your newly created records.

You can check http://www.mongodb.org/display/DOCS/DBA+Operations+from+the+Shell for a full list of useful shell commands.

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I saw the db once I did show dbs -- Now I see where I was going wrong. Thanks for the clarification. –  Jackson Aug 25 '11 at 19:11

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