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In my webapplication i am using tagify. But now i want that when the input box in tagify is focussed that the tagifycontainer's border-color changes to a different color.

Ive tried the most straightforward solutions but it does not work, heres what ive tried:

           "border-color" : "#E5964B" 

I'm not getting an alert box. Ive also tried to edit the plugin but im noob at writing plugins. I mostly leech plugins ... tbh


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I ran into the same problem. Basically, when tagify initializes the field:


It will replace:

<input id="test" type="text"/>

With something like:

<input id="test" style="display: none;">

<div class="tagify-container">
    <input type="text" placeholder="add tags">

In other words, it will hide the original field and add its own with the field. There are many ways around it, but I used this to get the proper field:

$('.tagify-container:eq(0) input:eq(0)').focus(function(){

So you select first tagify-container class and select first field in this class. Hope that works for you :)

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