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What's a good resource for choosing aesthetically pleasing color combinations and themes? At the moment I'm using a color picker and stealing from various places. It's a hack.

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I'm just going to throw something out there, but it's more important (IMO) to have a color scheme that promotes usability over one that is aesthetically pleasing. This resources on Designing more Usable Web Sites might be of interest, along with this blog posting, which addresses both look AND usability.

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People might say that, but if you design specifically for the color-blind, then audience wise you're designing for a fairly small group of people (10%, compared to say 90%). –  olive Aug 5 '09 at 21:19

ColorSchemer - nice for finding complementary colors

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You can find some user-created color schemes on Kuler:


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When you find a page you like, you can find out the exact colors being used from "I Like Your Colors"

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I often use kuler.adobe.com. It is pretty helpful.

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