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I used ListItemCollection in Web User Control. And I like it!


public ListItemCollection Items {
  get {
    return this.ListBox1.Items;


void Add(WebUserControls.Control3 ctrl1, WebUserControls.Control3 ctrl2) {
  ListBox listbox = ctrl1.FindControl("ListBox1") as ListBox;
  if (ctrl1.Items.Count > 0) {
    foreach (ListItem li in listbox.Items) {
      if (li.Selected)
        ctrl2.Add(li.Text, li.Value);

void Remove(WebUserControls.Control3 ctrl) {
  ListBox listbox = ctrl.FindControl("ListBox1") as ListBox;
  if (ctrl.Items.Count > 0) {
    int count = ctrl.Items.Count;
    for (int i = count - 1; i > -1; i--) {
      if (listbox.Items[i].Selected)

Look please! "ctrl.Items." I used it. But I want to use other control such as placeholder like:

public PlaceholderItemCollection Items {
  get {
    return this.Placeholder.Items;


public PlaceholderItemCollection Controls {
  get {
    return this.Placeholder.Controls;

How can I do that?

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Why not just bind the datasource?

DataTable dt = logic_to_get_data();
ListBox1.DataSource = dt;
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