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This code, from a file on my desktop, does not work:

<video src="" controls autobuffer="autobuffer" type="video/quicktime" height="300" width="400"></video>

Here are the network transaction(s?) for the video transfer:


The video element returns code 4 - MEDIA_ERR_SRC_NOT_SUPPORTED

This DOES work:

<video src="501Spotlight_PSUB.mov" controls autobuffer="autobuffer" type="video/quicktime"height="300" width="400"></video> <!-- video file is on desktop too -->

And here's the output for that:


(note that pending status seems to be displayed permanently)

I've fiddled around with Unicorn as well, and had similar problems. Maybe I didn't configure it properly.

assets/attachable is in my public folder. My impression is that rails itself is barely (or not) involved with transferring/processing those files.

I've added this line to config/initializers/mime_types.rb:

Mime::Type.register "video/quicktime", :mov

I have this output from rails console:

>> Mime::Type.lookup_by_extension("mov")
=> #<Mime::Type:0x1020992e8 @string="video/quicktime", @synonyms=[], @symbol=:mov>
>> MIME::Types.type_for("asdf.mov").to_s
=> "video/quicktime"

Is WEBrick (1.3.1) to blame here? This exact question was asked before, but not resolved. I'm hoping to be able to provide more detail.

Any guesses? I can answer any question that'll help narrow this down.


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Ok, couldn't resolve this directly, but it works with Passenger: sudo gem install passenger --- passenger start (in project directory) –  Jason Newell Aug 26 '11 at 21:37

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