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I require have a textbox to enter a human height. I require to do this using jquery. Is there a plugin or code sample that I can use to, to perform the validation. Can someone please help me to validate the textbox using jquery.

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Get the textbox's .val(), check if it's within acceptable range (metric or imperial? Note also that the range is surprisingly wide), done. Which part is giving you trouble? – Piskvor Aug 25 '11 at 17:26
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You're going to want to use regex:

var height = '4\'3"'; //$('selector-to-input').val()
if (/^[0-9]+\' ?[0-9]+\"$/.match(height)) {
    //do something

That's not the greatest regex but it will check anything like 9' 5" or 5'7" or 5'11".

For more regex stuff check out: Regex Info

Edit: Better regex may be something like

/^[0-9]+ ?(\'|ft|cm|meters|feet|in|inches|\")?( *[1-9]+ ?(\"|inches|in|cm)?)?$/

You'll have to test it, on lunch break and need to get back to work.

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Useful for "imperial" measures, but will fail on 6' (never have I ever seen 6' 0"), on 6 ft, 72", or 182 cm. – Piskvor Aug 25 '11 at 17:29
@Piskvor: True /^[0-9]+\'( ?[0-9]+\")?$/ would solve the 6'. Again not the best regex for it, just quickly wrote it up but I'm sure there are better already thought out ones out there. – dennmat Aug 25 '11 at 17:31
Probably. The use of two different measurement units is sort of problematic, esp. as there are two different ways to abbreviate them. Perhaps two text boxes [ 6 ] ft [ 1 ] in might be less confusing to the users, and easier to parse, but that's slightly out of scope. – Piskvor Aug 25 '11 at 17:34

Do two text boxes: one for feet, one for inches. Then put them both into the same units.


var person_height = $(feet).val()*12 + $(inches).val();

This is so they only input numbers -- no characters.

Or, if you're in Europe or wherever, just ONE text box for meters. (1.5 meters)

Oh, metric system. Soon.

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