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I have 2 tables in mysql db

T1 : registration
T2 : multiple_email

and I have a field email_id in both the tables. I want to run a query to see if a email is valid. So, I can run 2 queries as

select count(*) from registration where emailid = $emailid
select count(*) from multiple_email where emailid = $emailid 

and if one of the count is greater than 0, I consider it as a valid email.

Is there an elegant way of doing it in single query?

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select count(*) + 
(select count(*) from multiple_email where emailid = $emailid)
from registration where emailid = $emailid
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I think it's better to use 2 queries with some changes:

select emailid from registration where emailid = $emailid ;
select emailid from multiple_email where emailid = $emailid 

It will be faster than count(*) because you will read from index only. If emailid is not primary key you can add limit 1.

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COUNT(*) in this case will scan just index on emailid (surely if there is an index) –  a1ex07 Aug 25 '11 at 18:27
@alex17 I think you should read about working count(*) in innodb. Sometimes it's very slow. Anyway get emailid or i is faster than count. –  Andrej Ludinovskov Aug 25 '11 at 18:42
@ Andrej L : You are talking about COUNT(*) in inno db with no WHERE condition(in the question there is WHERE) . COUNT(*) / or COUNT(constant_value, e.g. 1) + WHERE indexed_field =whatever scans index, not db. COUNT(indexed_field) + WHERE indexed_field =whatever` scans index and eliminates NULL values. SELECT indexed_field +WHERE indexed_field =whatever will not be faster than just COUNT(*). –  a1ex07 Aug 25 '11 at 19:23

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