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I have defined a component to cleanup a generated (not installed) file on uninstall but leave intact on a major upgrade after reading this post

<Component Id="C_RemoveOnUninstall" Guid="XXX">
  <RemoveFile Id="DeleteGeneratedFile" Name="ProgramGeneratedFile" On="uninstall"/>

With condition above, the file is left behind for both upgrade and uninstall. Without the condition, the file is deleted for both upgrade and uinstall.

I have tried RemoveFile for each of On="install/uninstall/both" but it does not seem to matter. Have read this post but I am hoping to make component conditions work and avoid writing custom action for this.

Does this code look correct? Any solutions or work around?

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Have you tried marking the component as transitive=yes? Without this I suspect the component condition won't get re-evaluated when you go into maintenance mode (i.e. when you run the nested uninstall as part of upgrade). –  Stephen Connolly Sep 7 '11 at 21:36

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This approach assumes the RemoveFiles action ignores an item in the RemoveFile table when the property DirProperty referrers to has a value of null. The property DirProperty referrers to will be set during uninstall though not during an upgrade.

Conditionally set the property:

<SetProperty Id="prop_GeneratedFileDir" Value="[GeneratedFileDir]" After="InstallInitialize" Sequence="execute">

Define an element for the RemoveFile table:

<Component Id="C_RemoveOnUninstall" Guid="XXX">
  <RemoveFile Id="DeleteGeneratedFile" Property="prop_GeneratedFileDir" Name="ProgramGeneratedFile" On="uninstall"/>

Some helpful links: wix-users, RemoveFile Table, RemoveFile Element, RemoveFolderEx Element

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