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I am looking for open-source and free project collaboration software that can be self hosted as alternative for Basecamp, micromobs or other kind such software. I want to host it on LAMP server.

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http://www.dotproject.net/ should suit your needs, it's open-source and LAMP based.

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TeamLab is a really nice project collaboration platform. They provide the platform as SAAS and also as a Community Server Edition. The community edition is open source and you can host it on your own server. Teambox is another similar software to Basecamp. It is superseded by Redbooth (commercial service) but its old open source codebase is still available on github.

One other good software is Gantter. It is not open source but they provide a free service that can easily be integrated with Google Drive and Google Apps. There are some desktop based solutions too like ProjectLibre. You can check this guide for more information.

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