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I want to see the cleaned HTML that we get from HTMLCleaner. I see there is a method called serialize on TagNode, however don't know how to use it. Does anybody have any sample code for it?

Thanks Nayn

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Here's the sample code:

HtmlCleaner htmlCleaner = new HtmlCleaner();

TagNode root = htmlCleaner.clean(url);


String html = "<" + root.getName() + ">" + htmlCleaner.getInnerHtml(root) + "</" + root.getName() + ">";
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Use a subclass of org.htmlcleaner.XmlSerializer, for example:

// get the element you want to serialize
final HtmlCleaner cleaner = new HtmlCleaner();
final TagNode rootTagNode = cleaner.clean(url);

// set up properties for the serializer (optional, see online docs)
final CleanerProperties cleanerProperties = cleaner.getProperties();

// use the getAsString method on an XmlSerializer class
final XmlSerializer xmlSerializer = new PrettyXmlSerializer(cleanerProperties);
final String html = xmlSerializer.getAsString(rootTagNode);
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