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I have two list boxes in my view with four arrows to exchange the items between them. I am using 4 buttons with type="submit" and handling it in the controller. Is there any way that i can do it with out postback?

<table style="width:90%;  text-align:center">
                <th>Unassigned State:</th><th>
                </th><th>Assigned State:</th>
                <td valign="top">
                    @Html.ListBoxFor(model => model.UnAssignedSelected,
                        new MultiSelectList(Model.UnAssignedStates, "Id",
                              "Name", Model.UnAssignedSelected),
                        new { size = "6" })
                <td valign="top">
                <button style=" width:50px" name="button" value="oneRightArrow" type="submit"> > </button><br />
                <button style=" width:50px" name="button" value="twoRightArrow" type="submit"> >> </button><br />
                <button style=" width:50px" name="button" value="oneLeftArrow" type="submit"> < </button><br />
                <button style=" width:50px" name="button" value="twoLeftArrow" type="submit"> << </button>
                <td valign="top">
                   @Html.ListBoxFor(model => model.AssignedSelected,
                            new MultiSelectList(Model.AssignedStates, "Id",
                            "Name", Model.AssignedSelected))

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You can use jQuery for that. Example: http://www.meadmiracle.com/dlb/DLBDocumentation.aspx

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Hi Alex, Thanks for your link. In the link you provided, I used www.meadmiracle.com/dlb/DLBPlugin.aspx, but if I want to remove those filter sections form my view how do I modify the .js files? –  TJK Aug 26 '11 at 19:43
You dont need to modify the .js files, just dont write the html input for the filters. –  Alex Monteiro Aug 29 '11 at 12:59
I know that the answer and the question are quite old (and the link is dead) but, could you write here the js counterpart? –  Cezar Lamann Feb 11 at 12:09

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