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I've been setting up osm2pgsql to convert .osm files to be usable in Postgres. I have now tried the following statement:

osm2pgsql --merc -d sa sa.osm

I am given the following error: "Connection to database failed: FATAL: role "myUsername" does not exist

I have read up about this kind of error which is usually run into when using Postgres. I have created a new role in Postgres but still the error persists.

Any suggestions?

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You didn't specify -U|--username switch, so osm2pgsql gets current username from terminal (unless you set PGUSER environment variable). Error message looks very clear, telling that role named myUsername does not exist in your database cluser. Note that:

CREATE ROLE myUsername LOGIN;    -- creating role myusername
CREATE ROLE "myUsername" LOGIN;  -- creating role myUsername

will produce two different roles:

SELECT rolname FROM pg_roles;
(3 rows)
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Thanks! The username switch worked! – nix Aug 26 '11 at 10:01

I know this is an old question but things have changed in OSM and this answer appears to be at the top of a Google search

Use this:

/usr/bin/ the-database-here your-username-here

for example

/usr/bin/ gis barrythefish
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