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this is a question following hibernate what is the right way to load object graph the answer correctly do the work. but because I can not use set(I need order) and trying to avoid treeSet, I use the list in the GrandCat and Cat class. when I use the query, the cat number is not right, instead of 3, it gives me 4. any good way to eliminate this? it has 2 fay Cat in the list.

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select distinct c from Cat as c ....

See this.

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the query I use returning GrandCat, even the grandCat are distinct and ony 1 returns, the cat number is not right. do you mean I need a seperate query just for cat? in production code, I have about 5 level and query each of them would be very inefficient – Nan Aug 25 '11 at 21:23

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