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I've decided to use the 960 grid for a project and would like some samples/examples for doing stacked (label above data field) forms (with multiple fields per line in situations like phone number) with room for validation messages.

Anyone have any good examples? I like the Woo Forms but they aren't built around this framework.

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I really think here google is your friend here.

There are a ton of ways to do web forms. I too like Woo Forms as they are nicely done. I have not looked at it too much but you can get their themes and take a look at how they accomplish things.

Take a look at this formee or uni-form, which may help you. It deals with forms using the 960 grid system. A couple of other sites that are pretty good to help you:net.tuts Mastering grid 960, cssnewbie, css-tricks, 20 Jquery forms plugins, Jquery form 100 best plugins

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