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You can position the key legend manually in most plotting programs. For example, in gnuplot it's done using set key top right. In ggplot2, it's done like this.

Is there a plotting library, script, or simple algorithm that automatically positions the legend such that it overlaps the data in the plot minimally?

What I mean is: Suppose I plot the line y=x. A good place for the legend in that case would be top left or bottom right.

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In R, I suspect the answer is no. But you're more likely to get the eyeballs of knowledgable R users with an [r] tag. –  joran Aug 25 '11 at 23:30
I'm actually more interested in a standalone solution (script or algorithm that I'll implement) that will accomplish this for any plotting program (my weapon of choice is gnuplot) –  Lex Aug 25 '11 at 23:56

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Try this,


there are other discussions and functions proposed in R-help archives

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?emptyspace     # Find the largest empty space on a plot

This is the example from the help page:

 plot(x,y,main="Find the empty space",xlab="X",ylab="Y")
 # use a transparent background so that any overplotted points are shown
 plotrix::boxed.labels(es,labels="Here is the\nempty space",bg="transparent")
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