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I am dynamically building html on the code behind (while reading data from the database and creating button controls)

So my code behind is something like:

strHTML = <table cellspacing='0' cellpadding='0' border='3'><tr><td align='center' valign='middle' width="150" height="50" class="bItem"><asp:Button CssClass='btnDashboard' width='170' Height='70' ID='Button2' runat='server' Text="MyProfile" /></td></tr></table>"  

The above string is supposed to display dynamically created buttons on clientside.

My clientside code is:

<table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="3" border="0">
        <td><% %>

How can I display the dynamically created HTML within the server tags?
I tried using div tags, but the buttons came out with no text, and I could not "click" them.

Any suggestion?

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you can add html controls,tags etc by this way

create a div in your page:

<div id="divtest" runat="server"></div>

Since runat="server" is there you can access the div in your code behind.Add your html code in this way.

 strHTML = "<table cellspacing='0' cellpadding='0' border='3'><tr><td align='center' valign='middle' width=""150"" height=""50"" class=""bItem""><asp:Button CssClass='btnDashboard' width='170' Height='70' ID='Button2' runat='server' Text=""MyProfile"" /></td></tr></table>"

 divtest.InnerHtml = strHTML

But you cant add asp controls like that.

 Button b = new Button();
        b.Text = name;
        b.ID = id;
        b.Click += new EventHandler(Button_Click);

form1.Controls.Add(GetButton("Button1", "Click"));
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You could use a PlaceHolder Class as the container for your dynamically generated buttons.

From your example, I am not sure if you are also generating a table as well, but if so, you could create it using the HtmlTable Class to generate the table containing your buttons. The table can then be added to the placeholder.

The sample code on the PlaceHolder Class page shows how to add controls to a placeholder control, buttons coincidentally.

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You cannot add web server controls that way; you need to add them to the Page's control tree dynamically, if the controls are created dynamically. MSDN explains this here

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