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Is there a node.js library for the KISSmetrics API (http://support.kissmetrics.com/apis/specifications)?

Unfortunately I don't think the client side js (http://support.kissmetrics.com/apis/javascript) library works with node.js?

Note: I imagine the node.js library for KISSmetrics would look a lot like the MixPanel library: https://github.com/carlsverre/mixpanel-node

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I just released a node.js library for KISSmetrics. I'm going to use it in production for my own project (wavo.me). Here's the git repo https://github.com/glesperance/node-kissmetrics

Feedback welcome !

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Today we released an open source Node.js library for Segment.io that supports sending data to KISSmetrics as well as Mixpanel, Customer.io, Intercom.io and Klaviyo. We also have open source libraries for Ruby, Java, .NET and Python should you ever need them!

Feedback is always welcome, and we'll be adding more services and language support soon.

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Doesn't look like it. Install npm. Use npm search text. Check out https://github.com/joyent/node/wiki/modules

Lastly, the mixpanel client is 150 lines, about half of which are comments. Its very straightforward to create a rest client, especially if they support JSON. https://github.com/carlsverre/mixpanel-node/blob/master/lib/mixpanel-node.js

Generally speaking, client libraries which depend on XHR in the browser don't generally work out of the box. With a baby abstraction and a bit of hacking, you can get most things to work as long as they aren't wholly dependent on the DOM or some other such browser concept. Check out https://github.com/driverdan/node-XMLHttpRequest if you're interested in this concept.

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Thanks Josh! Makes sense, will probably point at the KISSMetrics HTTP REST endpoints. – liveink Aug 26 '11 at 10:05

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