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I'm looking for the easiest solution to fixing a problem I have in Internet Explorer (6,7 & 8), be it CSS or using jQuery. I have a SELECT Input with a defined width (because of where it sits in the layout). Because of the defined width select is cut off from showing their full values, unlike in Firefox & Safari where they are automatically resized to show the whole length of the value..

Surely this is a common problem? Any ideas?

example code:

<select id="Grouping_662066" class="productSelectInput" name="AddToCart_Grouping" onchange="DrawProduct(36331,662066,this.value,'',true);">

I'm using a CMS system the class 'productSelectInput' is the only identifier what will be consistand across the website. The ID, name and onchange properties will change.

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Here is information and a solution using jQuery.

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That solution is full of wrong. The solution it links to but dismisses is better: hedgerwow.com/360/dhtml/ui_select_with_fixed_width/… –  Crescent Fresh Apr 6 '09 at 1:26
the solution worked great. what perks does the solution you've recommended have over this one crescentfresh? –  mattt Apr 6 '09 at 1:35
Oh great, glad it worked. I was referring to some of the comments near the bottom of the link. IE's document gets sharply taken out of its flow when mousing over/out of the select box. Perhaps you have nothing to the right of your select box in your page. –  Crescent Fresh Apr 6 '09 at 1:41
no i don't actually. i guess i'll stick with this solution for my site then. i'll have a look into the one you've reccomended also for next time. thanks for the feedback! –  mattt Apr 6 '09 at 1:59
crescentfresh, what you mention may be caused by another common problem of IE6: a fixed width containing block expands if the content is wider. The standard says it shouldn't. –  Angel Apr 6 '09 at 2:22

Given those constraints, the only thing I can suggest for the IE's is to possibly reduce the size of the fonts.

I'm not certain there's a way otherwise.

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You could use regular Javacsript, utilizing the onmousedown, onblur and onchange functions to manipulate the elements CSS. Here is how the solution would look in jQuery (using the same functions).

    var example = $('#some-id');

    $(example).mousedown(function() {
    $(example).change(function() {
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As far as I'm concerned, this is a browser issue (IE).

You can include &nbsp; to wrap the options or resize the select dynamically with Javascript on focus and blur events. Also, you could create a drop-down menu with css and javascript (no 'select', but 'ul') and have full control of the interface. (onBlur, javascript should write a the value on a hidden input).

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if ie8 supports the psuedo-class :focus you could specify a larger width for when the select is clicked. Won't work in ie6 though, and probably not ie7

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