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This question is not relating with AutoMapper. My question is about ModelMapper in java, however I cannot create new tag for modelmapper as my little reputation. Sorry for confusion.

Anyway, my question is that does modelmapper library support collections like arraylist or hashset? it seems not support collection to collection mapping. Is it true?

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You can also map collections directly:

    List<Person> persons = getPersons();
    // Define the target type
    Type targetListType = new TypeToken<List<PersonDTO>>() {}.getType();
    List<PersonDTO> personDTOs =, targetListType);
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Yes - Collection to Collection mapping is supported. Ex:

static class SList {
    List<Integer> name;

static class DList {
    List<String> name;

public void shouldMapListToListOfDifferentTypes() {
    SList list = new SList(); = Arrays.asList(Integer.valueOf(1), Integer.valueOf(2), Integer.valueOf(3));
    DList d =, DList.class);

    assertEquals(, Arrays.asList("1", "2", "3"));
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For this example you used two wrapper classes around the Collections. Would it be possible without them? – miguelcobain Oct 12 '12 at 18:43
@miguelcobain - Yes, the wrappers just happened to be the example I gave. – Jonathan Nov 5 '12 at 21:44

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