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i have three tables in mysql like this,


stu_id    name
1          x1
2          x2


sub_id    sub_name
1          english
2          maths
3          science


stu_id   sub_id   marks
1          1       23
1          2       56
1          3       83
2          1       78
2          2       23
2          3       50

i want the result like display all subject with higest mark in perticular subject with student name,

max_marks    sub_name     student_name
78            english     x2
56            maths       x1
83            science     x2

so please help for this output that i want, i have tried but i m not get it desire output.

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What have you tried? – Phil Aug 26 '11 at 4:47
Yeah, this looks suspiciously like a homework assignment. Show us your query. I will give you a hint: MAX() and JOIN. – Daniel Pereira Aug 26 '11 at 4:57
@Riho Isn't the homework tag deprecated? (…) – glglgl Aug 26 '11 at 5:32

How about something like this?

  t.stu_id, t.sub_id, t.marks
triz t
JOIN (SELECT sub_id, MAX(marks) max_mark FROM triz GROUP BY sub_id) a ON (a.sub_id = t.sub_id AND a.max_mark = t.marks)

Of course you'll need to join it with lookup tables for names.

Have to say, it's early here so I might have missed something.


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The general, simplified syntax in this case is

SELECT stuff FROM joined tables ORDER BY whatever

The easiest is the ORDER BY: you want to sort descending by marks, so you ORDER BY marks DESC.

Where do the data come from? From triz, joined to the others. So

triz JOIN triz_sti USING (stu_id) JOIN triz_sub USING (sub_id)

And you want to display the marks.

So you get

SELECT marks, sub_name, name AS student_name
    FROM triz JOIN triz_sti USING (stu_id) JOIN triz_sub USING (sub_id)
    ORDER BY marks DESC


The rest I leave to you. :-)

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