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I have been asked by my client to encrypt some data using RSA with symmetric keys. All I know about RSA is that it is used as an asymmetric key algorithm. I have searched for anything like that and find none. So is it possible? If yes, is there an java implementation (JCE provider) of it?

Thanks in advance.

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What your client probably means is a Key Transport Protocol based on RSA, using the RSA asymmetric keys to "wrap" a symmetric key for a symmetric Cipher that would be used to encrypt further messages between the two communication parties. See RFC5990 for the example of RSA-KEM. As Prabath already pointed out, RSA is also commonly used in SSL/TLS for exchanging a symmetric key.

If that's not what he means, then I would gently ignore him and try to convince him that he should leave security decisions to people that have a better understanding of the material, because there is no such thing as a symmetric RSA key.

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RSA with symmetric key means - using RSA to establish a symmetric key and use that symmetric key afterwards. That is how SSL works...

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that was my first guess. but client says otherwise. Just looking for solid proof before i talk to him. –  Kiran Mohan Aug 26 '11 at 5:53
I guess then he miscommunicated the algorithm.. –  Prabath Siriwardena Aug 26 '11 at 6:01

No it's not. Suggest them that AES is what they want.

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