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I am new to Berkeley DB and learning using online guide. Now i have the following code below:

DB *dbp;
DBT key, data;
int ret, t_ret;
int k = 1; = &(k);
key.size = sizeof(k);
memset(&key, 0, sizeof(key));

if ((ret = dbp->put(dbp, NULL, &key, &data, 0)) == 0)
    printf("db: %d: key stored.\n", (char*);

Now the printf statement, instead of returning value "1", is returning something else. Don't know where I am going wrong.

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I suggest you look for tutorials on using that API (for ex The code you have here does not make any sense (hint: you're not setting data, you're clearing key after having set it up, you're casting what you thought you set to an int to a char* and printing it as an int...) – Mat Aug 26 '11 at 6:10
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Since is a void*, you need to dereference it to get the value. Try:

printf("db: %d: key stored.\n", *(int*);
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that worked..... thanks... – user537670 Aug 26 '11 at 6:17

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