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Apologies if this has been answered somewhere before, but like everything, google gives a billion results, all leading to the wrong answer.

I have a URL/Email Parser linking url's and emails addresses on my website (PHP). Everything was fine until I gained some international customers with complex domain names ( etc)

This is the function I currently have...

    FUNCTION linkScan($string1) {

    $pattern1 = "/(?<![\/\d\w])(http:\/\/)?([\w\d\-]+)((\.([\w\d\-])+){2,})([\/\?\w\d\.\-_&=+%]*)?/i";
    $pattern2 = "/([\w\d\.\-\_]+)@([\w\d\.\_\-]+)/mi";

    $replace1 = "<a href=\"http://$2$3$6\" target=\"_blank\">$0</a>";
    $replace2 = "<a href=\"mailto:$0\">$0</a>";

    $string2 = PREG_REPLACE($pattern1,$replace1,$string1);
    $string3 = PREG_REPLACE($pattern2,$replace2,$string2);

    $string3 = convertSmartQuotes($string3);

     RETURN $string3;

It works fine until it finds an email address

Becuase it looks for the URL's first, it finds to portion and makes it a link, then when the email scan happend it is ignored because of the HTML tags now embedded in it.

What I want to do if force the use of a subdomain in the URL's (whether that be a www or otherwise), and not care if there is http:// in front of it. But because the regex seems to only care if there are 3 portions (subdomain, domain, .com), the regexp is mistakenly thinking that the .com in a is actually the domain portion.

It should find...

It should not find... (which it is currently finding)

If there is anyone that can help we with the regular expression, that would be fantastic. Thanks

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Not really a solution but something to make your regex easier to read: You can use delimiters other than / / for your regexes, and then you wouldn't have to escape slashes in your regex. – Cedric Han Aug 26 '11 at 7:00
Your regex is simple enough that it should match just fine - are you sure it doesn't? – tripleee Aug 29 '11 at 4:57

You need a list if all top-level domains and their structure. The Mozilla project has such a list; it is several hundred lines, so incorporating it into a regex may be cumbersome, although certainly not impossible. update: superseded by

Anyway, quite likely you are Doing It Wrong. What are you trying to accomplish?

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Basically it is a link parser. It needs to look in text (from the database), find any text that matches email addresses or URL and turn them into links. – Allan Gowen Aug 28 '11 at 23:48

Regex has a nice list of expressions and also includes a nice tester to make sure your expression works.

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