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Using the imagemagick convert command, how can I resize an image to a fixed width and proportional height e.g. using the -resize or the -thumbnail option?

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Use -resize 100x to resize images to 100 pixels in width while maintaining the height's aspect ratio.

For example, to resize all PNG images in a directory to 100 pixels wide and transform them to JPEG:

mkdir thumbnails
for i in originals/*.png; do
  convert $i -resize 100x thumbnails/$(basename $i .png).jpg;

Read the fine ImageMagick manual for details.

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imagemagick comes with mogrify which will alter original image. I found it easiser to copy the images into a new folder then run mogrify -resize 512x *.jpg – Lex Feb 5 at 10:08
mkdir will complain if the directory already exists. To avoid this, add the -p flag "no error if existing" to mkdir. mkdir -p thumbnails explained in this question:… – Paul4forest Feb 9 at 15:31

Imagemagick geometry: 'width'x'height' If you leave one part empty, this means resize proportional.


100x200       # width = 100, height = 200
300x          # width = 300, height = proportional
x300          # width = proportional, height = 300
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'100x200' will NOT work as you say. You need '100x200\!'... – Kurt Pfeifle Dec 25 '14 at 9:34
100x200 will create an image with theses dimensions. The original picture will keep its ratio W/H. 100x200\! will also create an image with theses dimensions, but image inside will be deformed to stick the new dimensions. – MTranchant Jan 29 at 9:37

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