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We use both ClearCase UCM and base. One of the open questions we have is, how to find out where the loaded files of snapshot views are reside, by a given path of view storage directory?

e.g. We have a view located in C:\views\myview.vws

Sometimes the equivalent loaded files are in C:\views\myview directory, but sometimes not. I'm looking for a way to find where it is.

I tried to find it out by cleartool lsview -l and cleartool desc - does not help. The Windows registry does not provide this answer as either (AFAIK).

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I confirm there is not information where a snapshot view (UCM or not) actually resides.

You need to realize that by simply copying the .view.dat (hidden) file that you can see at the root directory of any of your snapshot view, you will make the destination directory (in which you copy the .view.dat file) the root of your snapshot view.

Copy it to three different directories, and you have the same snapshot view replicated three times!
Copy it to C:\Windows\System32, and that directory becomes a snapshot view root directory!

You best bet is to search for those .view.dat (or view.dat on Windows): those files contains the uid (unique id) of the view, allowing you to reconcile that with what you see within the view storage.

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