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Anyone knows if there is an issue with Ctl+Shift+C and Ctl+Shift+V on Aptana Studio 3.x Terminal for copy/paste?

I am on Ubuntu 11.04 and I cant recall it ever working for me.

Is there any other short cut for copy/paste?

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I have not tried it on Ubuntu yet but I think there is a bug regardless of the OS. To get around this issue I found out that when you cut/paste between open applications ( ie: from notepad to Aptana, or Libre Office to Aptana) the paste sometimes stops working. However if you open Firefox, find any website with HTML text-box and paste your text there and then cut again from the HTML text-box and paste into Aptana then it works.

Make sure you do not submit the HTML text field :)

I love Aptana, at the end it outweights DW by far.

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Thats weird indeed. Thanks for chiming in. Not a workflow that i would love to have for copy/paste :) I have gotten used to working on Terminator + aptana. So I kinda forgot this issue existed :) –  thanikkal Jun 20 '12 at 6:47

You can set this keyboard shortcuts at Windows > Preferences > General > Keys, searching for copy and for paste. Copy each command and set the shortcut in Binding, i.e. Shift+Ctrl+V for Paste.

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I don't know why this is not the accepted answer... Thank you :) –  Ahmed Fathy Mar 13 at 12:10

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