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Let's say we have:

task :something => [:something_else] do
  # some of stuff

task :something_else do
  # some verbose stuff
  # some quiet stuff

Now I want something_else to do the verbose stuff when called from the shell (rake something_else) and the silent ones when called as a dependency to rake something.

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i think it might be a better idea to work with parameters or different tasks instead.

one thing that you could do is look for top-level task like that:

task :something_else do |t|
  puts "some verbose stuff" if t.application.top_level_tasks.include? 'something_else'
  puts "some quiet stuff"
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You could look what was passed to ARGV. For example:

task :something_else do
    if ARGV[0] == 'something_else'
       puts "Verbose Stuff!"
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