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I have the following string: pass[1][2011-08-21][total_passes]

How would I extract the items between the square brackets into an array? I tried


but this only returns [1].

Not sure how to do this.. Thanks in advance.

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You are almost there, you just need a global match (note the /g flag):



If you want something the only captures the group (from MDN):

var s = "pass[1][2011-08-21][total_passes]";
var matches = [];

var pattern = /\[(.*?)\]/g;
var match;
while ((match = pattern.exec(s)) != null)


Another option (which I usually prefer), is abusing the replace callback:

var matches = [];
s.replace(/\[(.*?)\]/g, function(g0,g1){matches.push(g1);})


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var s = 'pass[1][2011-08-21][total_passes]';

r = s.match(/\[([^\]]*)\]/g);

r ; //# =>  [ '[1]', '[2011-08-21]', '[total_passes]' ]

example proving the edge case of unbalanced [];

var s = 'pass[1]]][2011-08-21][total_passes]';

r = s.match(/\[([^\]]*)\]/g);

r; //# =>  [ '[1]', '[2011-08-21]', '[total_passes]' ]
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add the global flag to your regex , and iterate the array returned .

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        string str1 = " pass[1][2011-08-21][total_passes]";
        string matching = @"\[(.*?)\]";
        Regex reg = new Regex(matching);
        MatchCollection matches = reg.Matches(str1);

you can use foreach for matched strings.

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I'm not sure if you can get this directly into an array. But the following code should work to find all occurences and then process them:

var string = "pass[1][2011-08-21][total_passes]";
var regex = /\[([^\]]*)\]/g;

while (match = regex.exec(string)) {

Please note: i really think you need the character class [^\]] here. Otherwise in my test the expression would match the hole string because ] is also matches by .*.

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