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Please consider the example at http://jsfiddle.net/KE8Mv/


<input type='text' id="log" />


var f = function(){
    if(console && console.log)
        console.log('hello eval issue!');

var f1 = eval('('+f+')');

var logMsg = f1===undefined?'eval returns none':'eval returns function';


The eval invoke returns function() object in FF and Chrome, but returns undefined in IE8:( What might be the issue? How to get the same behavior in all the browsers?

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Thanks comma operator works fine everywhere. –  sovo2014 Aug 29 '11 at 5:13

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If you really want to do it like this, you can create an anonymous function that will return you the function you need:

var f1 = eval("(function() {return " + f + ";})()");

Edit: Or even simpler (it is only necessary to make the browser consider this an expression with the function being the result of that expression, so we can use the comma operator):

var f1 = eval("0, " + f);

But you might want to consider using the Function constructor that takes the function body as a string.

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