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I am using telnet to the Android emulator and use the geo command to send GPS coordinates to the emulator:

C:\>telnet localhost 5554
Android Console: type 'help' for a list of commands
geo fix -82.411629 28.054553

While I am running the around me application in my emulator, it is showing a places only for above co-ordinates....i had changed the geo fix for some other place but it will not retrieve. I want to show for some other place, what should i do in the geo fix?

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can you show me your code – Pratik Aug 26 '11 at 8:07

open your emulator control and then at bottom you can see Location Controls and select Manual tab and then click Decimal option --> enter longitude and latitude value of location you want to show and finally click send button. At the time of clicking send button your map application keep running.

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