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I accidentally added a db dump (over 1 GB) to my repo, pushed it and noticed this few days later. I used git filter-branch to delete the file, expired reflog and run git gc to prune unused objects, but the database dump blob is still in repo. I used Git: Which commit has this blob?, but did find any commit which has a reference to the blob. How can I delete this or how to find out why it didn't get deleted during git gc?

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Which command did you call exactly when running git gc?

Note the manpage of git gc:

The optional configuration variable gc.pruneExpire controls how old the unreferenced loose objects have to be before they are pruned. The default is "2 weeks ago"

So if your blob is younger than 14 days, you have to call

git gc --prune=<date> (for date you also can insert now)
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Thanks, I didn't notice pruneExpire option and was't aware that git keeps unrefererenced objects for some time. Previously, I did run git gc --prune --aggressive. Now, I did run git reflog --all --expire=now before git gc --prune and it deleted the blob. –  Maciej Lotkowski Aug 26 '11 at 9:31

Can't you just do rm .git/objects/path/to/blob?

I am not sure why git-gc didn't delete it.

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When downvoting, can everyone please explain why. It helps everyone reading on a subject to learn why something is less desirable or just plain wrong. :) –  Rob Evans Apr 11 '13 at 13:26

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