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I am new to phing and trying to verify if my build.xml works as expected. I am looking for a convenient way to enumerate the files in a phing fileset.

The only thing that I've been able to get working is foreach (like in how to iterate (loop) through directories in phing?). However, it feels way too complex: I have to create a subtask, and phing gets called once for every file, making the outupt list hard to parse visually.

Any better alternatives? Thanks!

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With Phing 2.4.8, the <echo> task supports filesets: http://www.phing.info/trac/ticket/792

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Awesome! A ticket by itself would have been great and beyond all expectations. A ticket and an accepted patch cannot get better. Impressed. Happy. Thanks a lot. Happy. Really. Very happy. Very grateful. –  Xv. Nov 14 '11 at 9:29

There is currently no better way. You could grep the output, though :)

<task name="dummy">
  <foreach param="filename" absparam="absfilename" target="echoFilesetFile">
    <fileset refid="co"/>

<target name="echoFilesetFile">
  <echo>file: rel:${filename}|abs:${absfilename}</echo>

then $ phing dummy | grep 'file:'

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