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I'm trying to use pygments to add syntax highlighting to my Jekyll blog. Now the highlighting works, but it's pitting a weird tint on my code which is best described by looking at the image below. What it looks like

I'm using the Github syntax stylesheet but that's not what is causing the issue. I know this because I commented out all the CSS that is responsible for highlighting and the tinge is still there.

Anyone know what I can do to fix this issue?

Here is the code that is responsible for what you see in the image:

  <div class="span5 columns">
    {% highlight ruby %}
      # FG2
      FactoryGirl.define do
        factory :user do
          name "Peter Pan"
          email "peter@pan.com"

        factory :team do
          name "The A Team"
          association :user
    {% endhighlight %}
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Fixed it.

I was using the Twitter Bootstrap stylesheet and that was applying the tint to anything wrapped in code blocks.

Not sure why I didn't see that in Developer Tools when I checked before posting but ce la vie.

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