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I have this Code:

BindingUtils.bindProperty(trollImage, "width", vslider, "value");
BindingUtils.bindProperty(trollImage, "height", vslider, "value");

and the aproppriate Components are written in MXML:

<s:Image id="trollImage" source=""/>
<s:VSlider id="vslider" height="400" maximum="600" minimum="5" value="400"/>

I create the Bindings by pressing a button. And after I pressed another button, the binding should be removed.

I found a solution for Flex 3.5 here, but that doesn't work for Flex 4.5 because the Components don't have a _bindings property. How is that in Flex 4.5? Can someone tell me please?

Thanks a lot!

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That Flex 3.5 solution looks very hackish to me anyway.

You should use ChangeWatcher#unWatch(). The BindingUtils#bindProperty() function returns an instance of ChangeWatcher.

In your case that would result in something like this:

var widthWatcher:ChangeWatcher = 
    BindingUtils.bindProperty(trollImage, "width", vslider, "value");
var heightWatcher:ChangeWatcher = 
    BindingUtils.bindProperty(trollImage, "height", vslider, "value");

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Thanks a lot! That's exacly what I was looking for. – L.Butz Aug 26 '11 at 9:08

According to the documentation BindingUtils.bindProperty() returns ChangeWatcher instance which you should use to destroy bindings. The pseudo code looks like the following:

private var trollImageWidthWatcher:ChangeWatcher;
private var trollImageHeightWatcher:ChangeWatcher;

private function firstButtonClickHandler(event:MouseEvent):void
    trollImageWidthWatcher = BindingUtils.bindProperty(trollImage, "width", vslider, "value");
    trollImageHeightWatcher = BindingUtils.bindProperty(trollImage, "height", vslider, "value");

private function secondButtonClickHandler(event:MouseEvent):void
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