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my question is pretty simple but hard to find an answer for though search engines.

I simply want to update a field in the database, using that fields old value to add another value. I'm using the following at the moment:

$this->Advertisement->saveField('total_views', '(total_views + 1)', false);

But this gives me the next query:

UPDATE `advertisement` SET `total_views` = '(total_views +1)', `modified` = '2011-08-26 10:44:58' WHERE `advertisement`.`id` = 16

This is wrong and it should be:

UPDATE `advertisement` SET `total_views` = (total_views +1), `modified` = '2011-08-26 10:44:58' WHERE `advertisement`.`id` = 16

The problem is where it puts (total_views +1) between quotes.

Does anyone have an idea on how to get this working?

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array('Advertisement.total_views' => 'Advertisement.total_views + 1'),
array('Advertisement.id' => 1)
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Thanks a lot, that worked! –  Kevin Vandenborne Aug 26 '11 at 10:02

Just in case anyone else gets stuck with this, the spaces in the query are important.

works: Advertisement.total_views + 1

does not work: Advertisement.total_views+1

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$this->Advertisement->updateAll(array('Advertisement.total_views'=>'Advertisement.total_views+1'), array('Advertisement.id'=>$id));
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