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In my app i have 2 views: in 1-st there is a a tableview with audio-files. When to touch cell AVAudioPlayer begin play. When i go to 2-nd view AVAudioPlayer continue playing and when i return to 1-st view continue playing so. But from this moment begin problems: when i touch other cell begin play this track and previous and when i again touch play 3 tracks at the same time. And so my button "Play/Pause" works after that incorrect. How can i resolve this bug ? In every viewDidLoad i create new object of AVAudioPlayer and assign a value to it of previous object

(void)viewDidLoad {

    [self.traxbax.avAudioPlayer stop];


    [self.traxbax.avAudioPlayer release];

    [audioPlayer play];


    [self.bmvc.audioPlayer stop];


    [self.bmvc.audioPlayer release];

    [avAudioPlayer play];

    [super viewDidLoad];
    // Do any additional setup after loading the view from its nib.
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That is definitely some trouble with release of AVAudioPlayer. You can try to add in the after releasing line:

self.bmvc.audioPlayer = nil;

BTW: Not much understand why you have [super viewDidLoad] at the last line. It suppose to be first line of the method.

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