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I am coding Java using Eclipse 3.5 with ClearCase.

I need to refactor a method in an interface to rename it causing knock-on changes to about 4-5 different classes. The problem is when I use the Refactor->Rename... menu action, eclipse only prompts me to check out the interface file that I am editing and not the other affected files.

In Preferences->Team->ClearCase Remote Client->Workspace my settings are as following:

When edited by an internal, interactive editor: Prompt to checkout
When edited by an internal, non-interactive editor: Automatically checkout
When saved by an internal editor: Automatically checkout

Does anyone know any setting to get eclipse to find & automatically prompt for checkout all the affected files for the change?

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Good luck on your search. Clearcase plugins and Eclipse are not a happy marriage, simple things like renaming or deleting files often don't work. Whether the fault is on the plugin side or the Eclipse side who can say. –  john Aug 26 '11 at 10:08

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It depends on the version of CCRC/ClearCase you are using.
The first ones (2003) has many issues, and the recent ones (7.1.2.x) should handle that more gracefully.
Note that both the ClearCase plugin for Eclipse and CCRC support refactoring.

Don't forget though that there still are instances when a refactor won't complete fully, especially when:

  • the parent directory of the file is already checked-out
  • the files are hijacjed (or eclipsed if you are using a dynamic view)
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