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I was wondering if there is the equivalent of the following in Solaris for checking if IPV6_V6ONLY is enabled by default:

On a Linux system I can check if IPv6 only is enabled by checking the following file:


If bindv6only contains 0 (IPv4-in-IPv6 & IPv6 are both enabled).

If bindv6only contains 1 (Only IPv6 is enabled).

How can I check that IPV6_V6ONLY by default is enabled on Solaris 10 ? Is there one configuration parameter that can provide this info or do I need to iterate through interfaces via ifconfig -a6 or /etc/


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Solaris provides socket option defaults with the ndd command, e.g.

sudo /usr/sbin/ndd /dev/ip \?

In this instance Solaris does not provide an option to allow the administrator to enable IPV6_V6ONLY by default.

You might enjoy this:

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